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rishab sardina 

Fiorella chen

Fiorella (Fifi) Chen recently started at PGT and in only one year her ranking, fitness, and overall tennis game has dramatically improved. 

Highest Ranking: #59 in Girls 14's Norcal

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Yuu was 6 years old when she first picked up a racket. Her intensity and love for the game is what drives her to be the next #1 player. 

Highest Ranking: #1 in Girls 12's Norcal

Highest Ranking: #18 in Girls 14s Norcal

yuu Ishikawa




Rishab has been working with Coach Phil since he was 12. He brings a powerful game to the court along with his unrelenting determination.  

Highest Ranking: #19 ​in Boys 16's Norcal

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